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  • Draytek Vigor2925

    Dual Ethernet WAN | Security firewall router

    • Dual Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports for failover and load-balancing
    • 2 USB for 4G dongle, FTP server
    • 5 x Gigabit LAN ports with multiple subnets
    • High performance Firewall and CSM (Content Security Management) for network security
    • VLAN for secure and efficient workgroup management
    • Support central AP / VPN / Switch Management
    • 50 VPN tunnels with comprehensive secure protocols
    • VPN load-balancing/ trunking/ backup for site-to- site applications


  • Draytek VigorAP 902

    The business-grade Gigabit Wi-Fi Access Point.
    • Concurrent Dual Band, 802.11ac (866mbps) & 802.11n (300mbps)
    • Centrally managed or standalone
    • Powered by PSU (included) or PoE
    • Wi-Fi multimedia (WMM) quality of service features
    • Comprehensive and trusted security
    • Client isolation and 8 SSIDs


  • Matrix Eternity NE

    • 6 CO lines
    • 14 Analog Extensions
    • 8 SIP Extensions
    • 8 SIP Trunks
    • Calling Line Identification
    • Auto Attendant
  • Samsung Officeserv OS7070 IPBX

    • Up to 48 extensions ( SIP +Analog+Digital)
    • Up to 28 C.O. lines
    • 30 ISDN PRI / Qsig channels. 
    • Up to 8 SIP trunks
    • 4  Full Feature multi-level Auto Attendant ports
    • Up to 4 Voice Mail ports 
  • Samsung Officeserv OS7030 IPBX

    • Up to 20 extensions ( SIP +Analog+Digital)
    • Up to 8 C.O. lines
    • Up to 8 SIP trunks
    • 2  Full Feature multi-level Auto Attendant ports
    • Up to 2 Voice Mail ports 
  • Matrix Simado GFX11

    • Make and receive mobile calls from conventional analog phones
    • Quad-band GSM and Tri-Band 3G network operation
    • Restrict unwanted calls from dialing with list of denied numbers
    • Hotline extension dialing
    • Direct number dialing on the cellular networks with automatic number translation
  • DRAYTEK Vigor 2912 Broadband Router

    • Dual WAN load-balance and redundancy
    • USB 2.0 port as WAN 3 (3G USB mobile broadband)
    • Object-based firewall with Web Content Filtering
    • Bandwidth management with intelligent VoIP Qos
    • 16 VPN tunnels with VPN failover (backup)


Comprehensive and complete solutions for Enterprise, medium and small business.


Reliable broadband, VPN and Wifi solutions.


Advanced machine to machine communication solutions for Banking and Industrial Automation.

162 Prince Mohammad Street
Downtown, Amman, Jordan.
P.O Box: 2132 Amman 11181

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Rifat Nabulsi & Co. was founded in Amman, Jordan in1977. We are one of the most estabilshed local companies in the private phone systems locally. 
Our sevices in clude the supply, installation, commissiong and service of private telecom systems. 
Customers include: Government Departments, Mobile operators, Enterprises, International Agencies and SMEs.


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